Snowfall is no joke in the state of Michigan especially the farther north you go. Once you make it across the Mackinac Bridge, you will genuinely experience more snow than you ever have in your entire life. If you happen to live north of the bridge, well then, it's just another day in the Upper Peninsula.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac recently published an article showing what cities in the United States get pounded with the most snow. Not only did two Michigan cities make that list but one of them has been sitting on or near the top for the last 30 years.

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I don't think you will be surprised in the least to find these two cities on the list.

Sitting at #7 on the list of snowiest cities in the United States is Muskegon, Michigan. This is a city that gets hammered constantly with snow year after year. According to Extreme Weather Watch, the most snow that Muskegon has ever received in a single calendar year is 182.4 inches which occurred in 1962.

What Michigan City is the Snowiest in the United States?

Coming in at #1 once again is...Sault Ste. Marie.The most snow that Sault Ste. Marie has ever received was a whopping 209.1 inches in 1995. That's a lot of freaking snow.

What Determines The Top Snowiest Cities?

Their annual snowfall data is based on a 30-year average. Also, they only included cities with a population of over 10,000 people.

Youtuber, Chris Harden posted a video last year showing just how much snow falls in Sault Ste. Marie.


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