Michiganders can be very passionate about their hot dogs.

There are so many companies in Michigan that make amazing food right in our backyards. From Vernors and Better Made to Jiffy and Kellogg's, we have a little bit of everything. However, sometimes certain foods can create tension among the best of friends.

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One point of major contention can be the famous coney dog. Depending on where you are from, your battle with friends and family may be different. For example, those in southern Michigan may argue about who has the better coney between American and Lafayette Coney Island. Those in Mid-Michigan may argue which kind is better between Flint-style and Detroit-style coneys.

However, these arguments can be taken a step further when it comes to the hot dogs themselves. A proper coney is made with a beef frankfurter with a natural casing. With that said, which one is best? In a recent conversation with my family, this argument was had and there were three Michigan-made hot dogs that made the top of the list. They are listed below. Which team are you on?


If your parents or grandparents were born and raised in Detroit, I'd be willing to be that Kowalski dogs are their favorite. After emigrating from Poland to America, Agnes and Zygmund Kowalski eventually ended up building their first Kowalski factory in Hamtramck in 1920.

Dearborn Brand

Dearborn Brand dogs are what you will find served to you if you order some coneys at American Coney Island in Detroit. These are even available in their Coney Kits that you can ship all over the country to family and friends. Dearborn Brand now has products in 200 stores in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Canada, and more.


Koegel hot dogs are the very foundation for the Flint-style coney. Based, packaged, and processed in Flint, Michigan, Koegel dogs are the preferred dogs in Mid-Michigan. Many people in the area are aware of rumors that Koegel Meat Company has a special recipe that is only sold to restaurants for making coneys. It is rumored that the Koegel dogs available in stores, while delicious, are not the same as you can get in a local restaurant, but we can neither confirm nor deny this urban legend.

With all of that said, which dog reigns supreme in Michigan? And if this causes a fight between you and your friends, I claim no responsibility for that.

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