Cool business opportunities can be found all over Michigan right now.

Most people have thought about starting or owning their own business at one point in their lives. Sometimes you just need a change of pace when it comes to working. Other times people are just sick of working for someone else. If you feel like this, just know that Michigan is full of opportunities for you.

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When it comes to Michigan, there are several different opportunities to purchase a fun or unique business. Don't limit your thinking to just liquor stores or restaurant franchises. Check out the six unique opportunities below.

I have always wanted my own business, but finding the right one is key. Personally, I could never own a bar or restaurant. Those options wouldn't fit my lifestyle in any way. I would want a business that would allow me to set my own hours and not be locked into a set building.

The list below contains unique opportunities throughout the state. You'll find a bowling alley, a very unique pizzeria and pub, a cabin rental business, and more. These opportunities seem way more interesting to me than owning something like a liquor store. I think these would be interesting and offer something new every day.

The bottom line, I think Michigan needs more mom-and-pop type businesses. I always feel better about my purchases when I know the profits will go to someone that busted the butt to start or build their own company. Yes, I know there is a franchise included below, but it might be just what someone is looking for.

If you could own a business, what would it be?


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