Get ready, Grand Blanc. More road construction is coming your way starting next week. This is a project that residents have been eagerly anticipating.

Typically, people react to road construction in their area with nothing but complaints due to the inconvenience it causes. Let's be honest; there's nothing more annoying than having to stop for road work when you need to be somewhere.

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Where in Grand Blanc Will This Construction Be?

The construction will be happening on Perry Road from Saginaw Street to roughly the Perry House.

If you drive in that area, you're well aware of the extremely rough patch of the road right in front of Perry McFarlen Cemetery (Perry and Genesee).

Google Street View
Google Street View

It's a stretch of roadway that is long overdue for repairs, and drivers are often forced to swerve into the other lane to avoid potholes and rough patches.

Yes, they will finally repair that entire section of Perry Road along with other areas leading to Saginaw Road. It's unclear at the moment if the plan is to repave all of Perry Road or just patch it up.

When Does the Perry Road Construction Start?

The construction on Perry Road is scheduled to start on Monday, July 24th. While it's unclear what kind of delays we'll have to endure, it doesn't appear that the road will be entirely closed. However, we should be prepared to deal with one-lane traffic from time to time.

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