For many Michiganders, crossing the Mackinac Bridge after this Saturday will never be the same.

If you've crossed Michigan's Mackinac Bridge in the past 30 years, chances are you've had an encounter with toll attendant Pat Rickley.

People that have encountered Rickley over the years just loved his charismatic personality. To many people, he was known as "the happy bridge guy." He was so friendly with every person that drove through his toll booth.

According to 9 and 10 News, this Saturday will be Pat Rickley's last day at the Mackinac Bridge as he rolls into retirement after an amazing 30-year career.

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This is what some Tik Tok users had to say about their experiences with Pat Rickley as they crossed over the bridge.


He always remembered who I was and I was so surprised! Like, small details!! Made me feel so special.


Love Pat! When I lived just outside Mackinaw City he was always there to give a smile.


Yup!!! Love Pat! Good luck with your retirement! You deserve it! Thanks for making so many people's days brighter!


Literally, try to get him every time we go up. Such a nice guy!


Congrats Pat! Nicest guy on the bridge.

Pat Rickley:

I used to not look at people. Then I learned to look at people and talk to people. That was my job. And of course, take their money. I just throw a little bit of this and that in there, to brighten their day.

While he enjoyed his many years on the bridge, it was hard on his body.

I just enjoy the people. That is why you are here in the first place. Thirty years on my legs take their toll on the toll collector.

Best of luck with your retirement Pat.

@mi_playground Crossing the Mackinac Bridge will never be the same again. #mackinacbridge#mackinac#michigan#upperpeninsula♬ original sound - mi_playground

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