Trivia at your favorite eatery has become quite popular in the last few years.

For those that love testing their brains and knowledge, these local spots off free trivia nights to enjoy while having a drink or dinner. Grab some friends and figure out who paid attention in school and who is there for the booze.

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Hanging out at a bar or restaurant and playing trivia with friends is quite a lot of fun. I really enjoy getting together and playing a good game of trivia as it is a great way to forget the troubles of life for at least a couple of hours each week. In the Genesee County area, you can find free live trivia games almost every night of the week all over the town.

Where can I play live trivia in Genesee County and when?

There are a couple of different companies that host different game options in the area. My Trivia Live, Mo Facts with Kovacs, and more. Check out the days and times for weekly trivia options below.

To learn more about these trivia games, get details below:

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