A Michigan State University professor is now out of a job after students find out he once ran a meth lab.

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Talk about a real-life 'Breaking Bad' scenario. If you are not familiar with the popular television show, the premise is as follows,

Walther White (Bryan Cranston) is a high school chemistry teacher who transforms into a kingpin in the local meth drug trade. He continues his criminal life to provide for his family, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Professor Brendan Doyle was arrested in 2020 for running a meth lab when he was working as a professor in Louisiana at Nicholls State University.

According to the New York Post Doyle did plead guilty, and only served 90 days of a 180 days sentence.

How Doyle was able to pass a background check at Michigan State University after this arrest is baffling. To be fair to MSU, he was listed under the name B. Michael Doyle, not Brendan Doyle.

Brendan Doyle Lafourche Parish Sheriffâs Office
Brendan Doyle Lafourche Parish Sheriffâs Office

Michigan State University students get the credit for Doyle's criminal past discovery. Reports indicate that his erratic behavior in class led students to look into his background. Google is one hell of a tool.

As you will see in the WXMI FOX 17 video below Michigan State University student, Mackenzie Allbee, was one of the students who cracked the case. Allbee goes on to say Professor Doyle was impatient and had harsh words for students during class.

Brendan Doyle is no longer employed at Michigan State University.

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