Michigan is hungry and looking for coupons at the same time.

With the price of everything going up, most Michiganders are looking to save a bit of money any way they can. Coupons are a great way to do that.

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If you put a little bit of time into it, most people can find a way to save money on the things they buy, including dinner. Almost every restaurant and fast-food chain out there have some sort of coupon or special that can make it easier on your wallet.

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In an effort to save money, I recently made the switch to grocery shopping online and scheduling a pickup. This has saved me a bunch of money for a couple of reasons. First, I have no self-control. If I am shopping in the grocery store, there is absolutely no way that I am able to stick to my list. I always end up with an extra $20 to $30 in impulse-buy items at the end of the trip. Shopping online really makes it easy to stick to my list.

The second reason I save money is made possible by digital coupons I find online. My last purchase scored me $130 worth of groceries, but because of the digital coupons, I was able to buy it all for only $80. I am not alone in this battle either.

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When it comes to picking up dinner for the family, more than 1.5 million people in Michigan search for one particular coupon each month. Which place are they searching for? None other than Michigan's own Little Caesars.

Getty Images - Canva Pro
Getty Images - Canva Pro

Apparently, the Hot-N-Ready pizzas are just not good enough and Michiganders are looking for even better deals. However, just because Little Caesars coupons are searched for around 1.5 million times per month in Michigan, that doesn't make them the king of the mountain overall.

The king of that coupon mountain is Papa John's in the United States. Every month, around 5 million people across 20 states search for coupons from Papa John's.

Source: Cheapism

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