The new year is coming up quickly and resolutions are being formulated.

At the start of every year, many people try to make changes in their lives for the better. Throughout Michigan, the gyms fill up, the "healthy section" of the grocery store is full, and social media is flooded with inspirational memes and quotes.

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However, after about three to four weeks, most things are back to normal, and many New Year's resolutions have been broken. That doesn't mean that people still aren't trying. It just means that it wasn't the right time.

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I stopped making New Year's resolutions a long time ago. If I am going to stick to something new, I need to have more motivation other than just a calendar date to do it, but hey, that's just me. I do enjoy seeing what people come up with though and am excited to see what people will be doing for 2024.

While many people are still trying to figure out what to do for 2024, let's look back to earlier this year and see what the most popular New Year's resolutions were.

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Most popular New Year's resolutions in Michigan for 2023

According to Zippia, here are the top New Year's resolutions in the United States for 2023 based on Google data.

  1. Going to therapy. The most popular choice for a resolution and the top resolution in 12 states.
  2. Losing weight. Getting healthier is always a top resolution and was the most popular choice in eight states.

Most popular New Year's resolution in Michigan for 2023

Michigan's most popular New Year's resolution was dating. Apparently, after the pandemic, Michiganders were ready to "get back in the game" in 2023. Dating was also the most popular New Year's resolution in California, Nevada, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, and Utah.

Other top resolutions across the country included better sleep, reading more, weight training, vacationing, saving money, quitting drinking, and a few others.

So what do you think will top the list in Michigan for 2024? Let us know in the comments.


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