A new leader in water parks is set to open this fall in Michigan.

Michigan is home to countless attractions, events, and fun things to do with family and friends. Summertime is filled with beach days, boating, fishing, beautiful golf courses, and so much more. Wintertime is the same with skiing, snowmobiling, and of course, indoor water parks.

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As of now, the title of Michigan's Largest Indoor Water Park is held by Avalanche Bay at Boyne Mountain Resort. However, in the fall of 2024, a new leader in water parks is coming for the title.

Currently, Avalanche Bay is the largest with 88,000 square feet filled with water slides, pools, and more. After the completion of an $80 million renovation, Bavarian Blast at The Bavarian Inn Lodge will become the new leader with 140,000 square feet and 16 new water attractions.

Bavarian Blast will feature 16 water slides, a wave pool, a not-so-lazy river, Michigan's first swim-up bar, and more. Some of the new features will even open as early as spring of this year including a three-story ropes course, skyscraper rock climbing walls, and Rockin N' Roll Mini Bowling. This fall, guests will see the opening of the wave pool, private cabanas, 16 water slides, the swim-up bar, and the indoor not-so-lazy river.

Adding another massive indoor water park to Michigan is awesome. As someone that detests being cold, having yet another place to enjoy some swimming activities in 80 degree weather is great.

Be sure to check back as I plan to visit Avalanche Bay during spring break and Bavarian Blast this fall after they open. I'll be putting together a list of the best things to do at each so you can maximize your trips throughout Michigan.

Source: Avalanche Bay & Bavarian Blast

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