Sometimes you just have to let things go.

A Michigan woman recently found herself in a rather sticky and disgusting situation after climbing into an extremely deep toilet at the Department of Natural Resources boat launch at Dixon Lake in Otsego County near Gaylord.

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The woman wasn't sitting on the toilet and then all of a sudden just fell in. No, she actually climbed into the outhouse toilet on purpose. Why would she do something like this, you ask? Well, the woman had dropped her pricy Apple watch into the feces-filled toilet.

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Wait, She Climbed Into the Toilet?

Instead of just taking the loss, the woman literally climbed into the toilet and lowered herself down to retrieve the watch.

One thing you need to know is that an outhouse is much deeper than a traditional porta-potty. Outhouses typically have a depth ranging from 4 to 6 feet but the exact depth of this one is unknown. It had to have been pretty deep because she couldn't pull herself out.

How Did the Authorities Find Her?

According to USA Today, first responders were called to the Dixon Lake boat launch on Tuesday morning after a woman was heard screaming for help. When they arrived at the scene, they found the woman stuck inside an outhouse toilet.

Michigan State Police
Michigan State Police

How Did They Get Her Out of the Toilet?

Authorities removed the toilet and used a strap to hoist the woman out.

Did She at Least Manage to Retrieve Her Watch?

She sure did. I'm sure it was covered in poop but she got it back.

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