If you're the kind of Michigander who prefers a real tree over a fake one, you need to hear this.

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Opting for a real Christmas tree adds a really nice authentic touch to your holidays. However, having a real tree comes with many challenges including the need for water, needle shedding, allergies, fire hazards, higher costs, and something you probably never thought of before...a praying mantis infestation.

According to IFL Science, if you find growths on your tree that almost look like pine cones, it's something you have to deal with right away. Because those are not pine cones; they are freaking praying mantis egg sacks.

Pablo Hunt YouTube
Pablo Hunt YouTube

The issue of praying mantis eggs in Christmas trees came to light recently when TikToker Andrea Coward shared her 2018 experience on the social media platform.


@andeekitty Beware of the real trees. #realtree#christmastree#prayingmantis#prayingmantisoftiktok#christmastreefail#faketreenextyear♬ It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - Andy Williams
While watching egg sac hatching is pretty cool, it's far less enjoyable when it's happening in your Christmas tree at home. That must have been an absolute nightmare.

What to Do if You Find Praying Mantis Egg Sacks Attached to Your Christmas Tree

If you're lucky enough to find the sac before it hatches, you can either simply cut the branch off or get rid of the tree altogether. It really just depends on how many sacs you're dealing with.

The key is to remove it from the house before it hatches unless you want an experience similar to that of TikToker Andrea Coward.

Just remember to thoroughly look over your tree before you bring it inside.

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