Will Michgian McDonald's offer a $5 meal to lure back customers?

According to the New York Post, plans are underway to offer McDonald's consumers the following meal deal, for only $5.

  • McDouble or McChicken Sandwich option
  • Fries
  • Drink

This offer would be a big savings for McDonald's customers. It is no secret that the cost of fast food has gone up, along with almost everything else.

Door Dash Detroit has the McChicken and McDouble currently priced at over $3 each.

Door Dash Detroit
Door Dash Detroit

Unfortunately, there is no exact date for this McDonald's deal to roll out and if Michigan locations will offer it. We will keep you updated.

Have prices in general prevented you from enjoying your favorite fast-food spot? If McDonald's delivers on this $5 meal deal, will it bring you back to the golden arches?

Sure fast food is convenient during your lunch break or when taking your kids to activity after activity, but the cost is just about the same as going to a sit-down restaurant or diner.

For that matter, it's hard to justify spending the money for most families.

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On the bright side, if McDonald's can offer this $5 meal deal nationwide, chances are other fast food hot spots (that are not already offering deals), will follow suit.

If you enjoy fast food, consider downloading the app for a specific restaurant to save money. Every penny counts.

Is anyone else craving french fries right about now?

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