Home Depot hasn't been the same since the hot dog stands were removed, but that may change soon.

Before 2020, one of the great things about a trip to Home Depot was grabbing a couple of hot dogs from the food stand on your way out the door. Unfortunately, that great experience was stripped from shoppers after the pandemic. However, that may be changing for some Home Depot stores in Michigan.

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For the average person or homeowner in Michigan, a weekend project wasn't complete without at least a few trips to Home Depot. One of the best things about that fourth trip to get the right part was grabbing a hot dog or two to keep you going. As with many things, the pandemic took away so many little joys like this and some things just are not the same.

After a two-year absence, a man known as Bill the Hot Dog Guy began to consistently ask some Detroit Home Depot stores to begin letting him sell the delicious dogs again. Finally, they agreed and Bill the Hot Dog Guy is back in business.

See the full video, courtesy of clickondetroit, of how Bill the Hot Dog Guy returned here.

So, hopefully, this opens the doors to other vendors throughout Michigan to return to our local Home Depot locations. If you are one of those vendors, don't give up on your dreams...we need you now more than ever! Trips to Home Depot have not been the same without you.

For my fellow hungry weekend project friends out there, share this around so we can make it happen!

Source: Click on Detroit

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