It's the future and it starts in Detroit.

The first road in America that can wirelessly charge electric vehicles while moving is officially open.

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Where in Detroit is the Charging Road?

According to WDIV, the quarter-mile stretch of the road is located on 14th Street near Michigan Central in Corktown.

Electreon Vice President of Business Development Stefan Tongur:

This is where it matters to be, in Detroit, to be where the automotive manufacturers are, to be where innovation can actually scale. This is a big moment for Electreon.

How Do You Charge a Car While It's Driving on the Road?

Electreon, the company behind the innovative technology placed inductive-charging coils below the surface to charge electric vehicles while the car drives on the road.

So as this vehicle is driving, it has a secondary coil underneath which we call a receiver, and it will allow you to get a charge from the primary coil underneath the ground to the secondary coil, the receiver, into the battery.

The vehicle can be charged while it's moving or sitting still.

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It seems like the vehicle needs to have a receiver to activate the charge. I'm assuming this is something that doesn't come standard with an electric car purchase. We understand this is a new technology and that it will take some time to perfect and become the standard.

The goal is to have these charging roads throughout the U.S. in the coming years.

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