Many dog breeds in Michigan get a bad rap simply because of their breed. These dog breeds are considered dangerous and some insurance companies refuse to provide coverage, especially for larger breeds or ones with a bad reputation.

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According to Policygenius, some dog breeds are categorized as "dangerous" due to their association with a high number of dog bite claims.


To minimize the chances of having to pay out expensive liability claims, some insurance companies exclude certain breeds from coverage. Your insurer may also raise your premium if you own a certain breed or refuse to cover your home altogether.


While we can kind of (not really) understand this way of thinking, it also seems a bit like dog discrimination. It doesn't seem fair to the homeowner or their dogs.

What Dog Breeds Are Not Covered Under Michigan Homeowners Insurance?

Thankfully, Michigan (since 2003) is one of five states that ban insurers from denying you coverage based on your dog's breed. This was a huge win for dog owners.

It was dog advocate groups that put pressure on the state to ban insurers from discriminating against certain dog breeds.

It's just one more reason why it's great to live in Michigan. Unfortunately, other states are not so lucky.

The Most Common Dog Breeds Blacklisted From Homeowners Insurance in the U.S.

Alaskan Malamutes
Any wolf breeds
Chow chows
Doberman pinschers
German shepherds
Great Danes
Pit bulls
Presa Canarios
Siberian Huskies
Staffordshire terriers

Michigan, along with Illinois, Nevada, New York, and Pennsylvania, prohibits insurers from denying coverage based on your dog's breed.

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