Almost as iconic as March Madness, it's Mullet Mania time! Voting opened today for the 2024 USA Mullet Championships, with quite a few entries representing the Mitten State.

What is the USA Mullet Championships?

The USA Mullet Championships are divided into two contests: adults and kids. This bracket-style competition starts with round 1, also known as the "initial showdown," featuring multiple sub-categories on the kids' side: Lil' Nuggets (ages 0-4), Mid Mullets (ages 5-7), and Big Kids (8-12).

There are four rounds before a winner is crowned on August 28th. Winners receive cash prizes, a championship belt, and a GoPro. The competition also supports a cause, partnered with Jared Allen's Home for Wounded Warriors—donations contribute to the contestants' overall score.

Originally, I planned to include all Michiganders entered, but with hundreds in each category, I quickly gave up on sifting through each contestant's location.

That being said, I decided to focus on the cutest (sorry, parents!) category: Lil' Nuggets.

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Here are the 0-4-year-olds from Michigan entered in the Mullet Championships:

The first contestant is Greg Sky Luch from Detroit, who goes by 'The Golden Lion's Mane.' At 3 years old, he has an incredible story as a dual citizen of the USA and Cambodia. Vote for him here.

Next is Mason Pritt from Albion, who hasn't had a haircut since birth and goes by 'Long Locks.' After the contest, he plans to donate his hair to Maggie's Wigs for Kids. Vote for him here.

Oliver Culp from Sterling Heights is our next contestant, known as 'Midwest Mayhem.' Described as the 'fastest lil' Michigander with the most epic dang mullet this side of the Great Lakes,' his full bio is worth a read. Check him out here.

Then there's Sonny Consiglio, aka 'Hurricane Sonny,' from Washington, who's just two years old and has never had a haircut. You'll have to scroll through his photo because he has the cutest side-eye I've ever seen. See it here.

Waylon Welch-Gentile, aka 'Waylon's Michigan Mudflap,' hails from Novi. His bio claims he 'came out of the womb slanging lettuce,' and his photos definitely confirm that! Check out Waylon here.

Finally, from Allen Park, we have Xander Barry, also known as 'Bubba.' His mom refused to cut off his baby curls, resulting in his adorable mullet at just two and a half years old. Vote for Xander here.

And that wraps up our 0-4-year-old contestants for 2024!

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