March 2024 marks the 22nd anniversary of The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan.

The Machine Shop in Flint is a bucket list venue for countless bands and musicians. What started in 2002 has grown into one of the best and most popular concert venues in the world.

Not only is The Machine Shop popular, but so are The Machine Shop concert posters. These posters have become collector's items for many music fans.

We thought it would be fun to look back at some* of these classic Machine Shop concert posters starting in the year 2002.

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Thank you to Jeff Mintline of Minty Pics for the concert poster photos, you are much appreciated.

Congratulations to Kevin Zink, Johanna Hoelzle, and the entire Machine Shops staff on 22 great years.

Enjoy the gallery below, and let us know how many of the featured shows you were at.

*The photo gallery does not feature every single show at The Machine Shop, just a couple from each year 2002-2024.

22 Years Of Machine Shop Concert Posters

Gallery Credit: Minty Pics/The Machine Shop

Celebrating 22 Years Of The Machine Shop - Fan Photos Gallery 1

Gallery Credit: Townsquare Media/