If this doesn't scream "zombie apocalypse ready," I don't know what does.

Just 15 minutes west of Dick, Michigan, you'll find the little town of Trout Lake. For just $160,000 you can purchase a 9,000-square-foot home that was formerly an elementary school. The only downside is that the place is super creepy!

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This property boasts plenty of space, three bathrooms, two shower rooms, and a gym. The home/school has running hot and cold water, a fully functioning septic system, and four acres of land. A few downsides however include the need for a new boiler and roof repairs on the gym. A storm blew some of the roof off the gym last winter, you can see the damage in the photos below.

Purchasers will be happy to know that much of the property is furnished including a stove, multiple refrigerators, a microwave, 19 beds, and more. However, as you scroll, you will get a very distinct and communal feeling as if you were living in The Walking Dead.

Despite the building's super creepy feel, it is still a cool place that you could do a lot with. There's so much room for activities! I've always wanted to purchase something like this and turn it into something cool like an airsoft/paintball arena or a super large escape room.

Located in the Upper Peninsula, Trout Lake Township has a population of 332 people according to the 2020 census. The school/home itself is located at 32040 West Chippewa Avenue in Trout Lake, 49793.

Check out the pictures below of all the creepiness.

Source: Redfin

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