Michigan residents often wrap up their lawn care routines when temperatures drop, and the grass growth slows down. However, with unusually warmer weather across the state, you still see people outside cutting their grass.

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It's not very often that you see people in Michigan cutting their grass the week before Thanksgiving but that's exactly what's happening this year.

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While Michiganders are out taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather by cutting their grass, is it okay to do this late in the season?

Is It Okay to Mow Your Lawn in November in Michigan?

Many believe that once the cooler weather hits, you can put your mower away for the season as you no longer need to cut your lawn anymore. This is simply not true, your grass doesn't stop growing during this time, it just slows down.

As long as your grass continues to grow, it's fine to mow your lawn throughout November.


If Your Grass is Too Long, It Can Lead to Fungal Disease

With these warmer temps, your grass is still growing and you don't want the snow to fall if your grass is a bit too long. Leaving your grass too long can lead to mold and disease.

If you do decide to mow in November, be sure to clean up any leaves or debris. Leaving a clean lawn before winter sets in can promote a healthier lawn in the spring.

Now get out there and take advantage of the warm weather and squeeze in one more cut before the snow flies.

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