Once again, another scam is making its way through Michigan.

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This time around, instead of an email or phone scam, it's one that comes directly to your mailbox.

The first thing you will notice is a letter in your mailbox that claims your home warranty is about to expire.

What is the Home Warranty Scam?

This scam involves scammers who send letters from various names, such as the "Home Warranty Division." They claim that your home warranty is about to expire even though they don't have a clue.

It's just another scam artist that's trying to get your hard-earned money. Whatever you do, don't send money to anyone. Mortgage companies are not mailing out notices like this.


I first became aware of this scam after receiving two letters in the mail, both with a sense of urgency. The letters made me feel that if I didn't respond right away, any future repairs on my home would not be covered.

The letter looks legit as it had all my information including my home address, my lender, and even the date that I purchased my house. I can see how people could be easily fooled by this scam.

After receiving my second letter, I figured it best to see what I could find out.

I quickly found out that this was not only a scam, but one that was hitting Americans all over the country.

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