Several Grand Blanc students are facing disciplinary action after their offensive private messages became public.

According to ABC 12, some members of the Grand Blanc High School varsity football team and some cheerleaders were involved in a string of private Snapchat videos in which they were seen doing Hitler salutes, adding Hitler-type mustaches, and in some cases, exposing themselves.

Additional Snapchat messages included students wearing KKK hoods and a cheerleader wearing a hat with a profane message toward President Joe Biden. All of the above makes me sick to my stomach. The exact ages of the students involved were not released, but clearly, they are all old enough to know better.

As for the punishment the guilty parties are facing, that has yet to be made public - and I don't know if that information will be. Will the punishment fit the crime? That is yet to be determined.

As far as the classmates of these kids go - I am curious how they feel about going to the same school with kids who act like this or are these types of messages more common than we think?

I have not looked yet, but I am guessing this is the subject of many Grand Blanc-related Facebook pages. Are you a parent of a student and or students at Grand Blanc High School? If so, I am curious about your thoughts on this and if your kid(s) knew about this group of fellow students.

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