Traffic on the busiest street in Grand Blanc is moving a little slower thanks to a recent change.

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If you're forced to drive along Saginaw Street in the middle of the day, you know how extremely congested it can get. It becomes a traffic nightmare in the afternoon when the high school dismisses, and the kids head home.

Grand Blanc Lowers Speed Limit on Saginaw Street

After a recent traffic study, the city decided to make a speed limit change to lessen the severity of crashes on Saginaw Street.

According to an article that Grand Blanc View posted late last year, the Grand Blanc City Council voted on October 11, 2023, to follow a traffic engineering recommendation. The recommendation was to lower the speed limit to 30 mph from 35 mph between Center Road and Grand Blanc High School, where critical crash rates are high.


A speed limit change from 30 mph to 35 mph really isn't a big deal, especially in an area that is so heavily congested.

It seems most people on social media embrace the new lowered speed limit. However, some people don't have a lot of faith in the change.

Facebook user:

Not gonna change anything as nobody pays attention to the speed anyway, everybody is doing 45 to 50 down that road, and cops never do anything about it, so why waste taxpayers' money on something that nobody follows?

Facebook user:

Waste of money on the traffic study

Facebook user:

We just saw that yesterday! It won't make much difference during the day because it's too congested to go much faster. Look out in the evening though because GB has been pulling people over left and right through that stretch.

It's not going to change much but just maybe it'll get a few people to slow down a bit.

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