A pothole in Grand Haven, Michigan is getting so much attention that people all over the country are aware of its massive existence.

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The pothole is garnering all of the attention due to its size but rather what people are putting into it.

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Until recently filled, a pothole that sits off of North Beacon in Grand Haven was so big that you could fit a chair into it, and that's literally what someone did.

After a chair was placed in the pothole, Cory Denny, who works nearby, shared a photo of the incident in the local Facebook group "Grand Haven Informed.

Under the photo of Denny sitting in the chair, he posted the following:

If you know, you know

Come on Gran Haven, when are we going to fix this crater that can fit an entire recliner in it?

*I did not put the chair here but I find it incredibly hilarious someone did*

According to Fox 17, after Denny's post, people from all over started coming out to get a photo at the infamous pothole. At one point, there were cars lined up with people waiting for their turn to get a photo.

While it was all in good fun, residents were also trying to bring awareness to the pothole issue.

13 On Your Side YouTube
13 On Your Side YouTube

Grand Haven Public Works says the road is private property, so, a pothole in that location is not their problem.

Thankfully one local man took matters into his own hands and filled the pothole himself.

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