I'll be honest, I thought it was a little weird when kids suddenly were getting back into slime. I mean, I loved Silly Putty growing up, but kids these days are watching YouTube just to watch someone else make slime.

In college, I was a nanny and all the kids wanted to do was make slime. I was paid to hang out with them. So of course, I gave in, and we made a lot of slime and watched a lot of slime YouTube.

Then it clicked. And I got maybe a little too into slime for a 22-year-old. But these kids aren't playing with the slime we grew up on. It's even better than Floam (which I BEGGED my mom to buy me off of an infomercial in the early 2000s). The slime today's kids grow up on have different scents, colors, textures, and they're adding beads. It's seriously heaven for anyone who needs a little bit of stimulus throughout the day.

Michigan's Slime Studio

Michigan's first-ever slime studio is now open so that you don't have to deal with glue and glitter all over your house. It's at Troy's Oakland Mall and it's open Thursday-Sunday.

One thing to note, you have to buy online tickets. They are $30.

With your ticket you're able to explore the 25,000 square feet Slime Studio. That includes a slime shower wall (wear clothes you don't care about), participate in multiple hands-on slime-related interactive activities, and personalize your own 8 oz slime.

Sounds like a perfect way to distract the kids for a few hours to me!

Follow Slime Studio updates on their Facebook page.

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