There's usually nothing to laugh about when it comes to Michigan's roads. However, if you pay close enough attention to some of our road and street names, you might actually get a chuckle.

Some of Michigan's roads are bound to make you do a double-take, especially if you're not from around here. I mean, imagine coming across a street sign that reads 'Climax Street' – you'd probably have to turn just to see what's up.

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Be honest, how many times have you driven down I-75 and found yourself smiling when you see the sign for Big Beaver Road? If you don't giggle just a little, I'm sorry, but you have no sense of humor whatsoever. You can't help but say to yourself, "Nice Beaver." Or maybe it's just my immature sense of humor.

While Big Beaver Raod makes many of us laugh, that wasn't their original intent when the popular road in Troy, Michigan was given its name.

According to Troy Historic Village, the origin of the name Big Beaver dates back to the pioneer era. Established in 1825, the village of Big Beaver stood at the crossroads of the Paint Creek Trail, now recognized as Rochester Road, and an east-west two-track that later developed into Big Beaver Road.

The place derives its name from a large dam, erected by a colony of beavers, across a little brook near the place.

You can always find a little history behind the name of every Michigan road if you just do a little digging.

While Michigan really does have some street names that jump out at you, we're only going to highlight the 12 we thought were the best.

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While Michigan's roads typically lack comedic appeal, a keen eye for some of our road and street names might just provoke a chuckle or two.

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