Get ready for slowdowns, delays, and road closures as a major construction project gets underway this week on I-475 in Flint and Burton.

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This major project, which is causing frustration within the community, is expected to take a few years or longer to complete. The frustration of residents isn't because there are going to be construction projects happening just outside their neighborhood; it's because they feel it doesn't do enough to fix the issues it's caused their neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods were pushing hard for what they felt were really important modifications to reconnect neighborhoods to the downtown area. It's unclear at the moment if any of the suggestions will be met.

Parts of I-475 Will Be Closing

According to ABC 12, The Michigan Department of Transportation intends to close two lanes of southbound I-475 between Carpenter and Davison roads in Flint this week as part of the initial phase of a three-year reconstruction project.

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Those aren't the only closures that commuters will face. All northbound lanes of I-475 in the same stretch are scheduled to close on April 15th. Unfortunately, that stretch will remain closed until November or longer. This will no doubt be a headache for many residents.

The reason this project will take so long is because they will be rebuilding I-475 between Bristol Road in Burton and Carpenter Road in Flint.

How Much Will the Rebuilding Project Cost?

The rebuilding project comes with a hefty price tag of $411 million.

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