On Sunday, famous comedian/actor and Flint native Terry Crews took to his Instagram to challenge UFC great Anderson Silva to a boxing match in Brazil on June 15.

Anderson Silva, I’ve been training, I’m ready. June 15th. I will see you at fight night in Brazil, ya’ll. June 15th. Let’s Go. Anderson Silva, me and you. Let’s make it happen

Crews said in his video.

If this fight were real, it wouldn't be the first non-traditional combat sport opponent Silva has faced. Though the UFC star retired back in 2020, he fell to YouTuber Jake Paul in a boxing match in October of 2022.

However, it has since been revealed that Silva will not be touching gloves with the comedian and former NFL player.

Who is Anderson Silva Actually Fighting?

Instead, he'll be going toe to toe with Chael Sonnen, in what the promotions team at Spaten Fight Night is calling a 'historic duel.'

The pair have a long history, they faced off in both 2010 and 2012, Silva came out on top in both bouts by stoppage in the UFC. But this time, they'll add to the trilogy in a boxing match. Silva has boxed three times, but for Sonnen, this will be his boxing debut.

In his homeland of Brazil, Silva's "Grand Finale" will feature a five-round professional bout at 216 pounds, with two-minute rounds.

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