Grab a cup of coffee and play with some cat's during your lunch break in Ferndale.

The Catfé Lounge in Ferndale, Michigan gives cat lovers a new place to hang out and possibly even adopt their new cat. As part of the Ferndale Cat Shelter, the Catfé Lounge is filled with cats and kittens that are available for adoption and offers a community space where people can meet and socialize this them.

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If you are looking to adopt a new cat or kitten, or just want to relax and play with a room full of cats, you can schedule an appointment to do just that at the Catfé Lounge. When you visit the Catfé Lounge, you are asked to make a minimum required donation of $15. This donation covers your choice of coffee, tea, or juice and one hour of visiting time. However, if you decide to adopt one of the cats you interact with, that $15 donation will be deducted from your adoption fee.

That's not all. The Catfé Lounge also hosts events in the facility such as Trivia Night (with cats!) and Cat Bingo.

What are the rules of the Catfe Lounge?

The rules for the Catfé Lounge are as follows:

  • Visitors must use hand sanitizer when entering the Catfé.
  • Visitors must sign a waiver/membership form before spending time with the rescue cats.
  • A $15 donation is required for entry into the lounge space. (The Catfé is a non-profit 501(c)(3) so every donation is tax-deductible.)
  • If you have a hot beverage, please keep it covered with the tops provided.
  • Do not disturb a sleeping cat.
  • Do not feed the kitties unless a volunteer hands you treats.
  • Most of the cats have claws - so be careful.
  • Children under 7 must be monitored closely by their parent or guardian.

To learn more, schedule a visit, or make a donation, click here.

Source: Ferndale Cat Shelter

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