Instead of running alcohol specials on what is considered the biggest bar night of the year, a popular bar in Ferndale is removing all of its booze for the entire night.

There aren't many options for non-drinkers and those that are underage to hang out on the night before Thanksgiving. Well, unless you want to deal with a bunch of annoying sloppy drunks all night.

The Loving Touch in Ferndale is creating a huge buzz on social media after announcing that they would be hosting a "Sober Party" on November 23, the night before Thanksgiving.

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According to The Detroit News, the Loving Touch will put away all of their booze for a night and instead serve $5 craft mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) like Moscow Mules, Virgin Margaritas, and other alcohol-free concoctions. They will also serve nonalcoholic beers and other beverages like soda and Red Bull.

The Loving Touch:

The Loving Touch is hosting a 100% Sober Party the night before Thanksgiving! We'll have Craft Mocktails, N/A Beverages, a DJ, and Dancing. All booze will be removed from the bar prior to the event. Let's Party!

It's obviously a risky move for any bar to cater to non-drinkers for an entire night, especially on a potentially busy night. So, why in the world would a bar do something that is pretty much unheard of like this?

Loving Touch’s General Manager Jesse Shepherd-Bates:

Bars can be a really tough setting for those who struggle with staying sober — and for people who just find a gaggle of drunk people to be obnoxious. It’s unfamiliar territory for us to plan a sober night at the bar, but as the idea evolved it’s becoming really exciting.

I love going out and having some cocktails with friends, especially the night before Thanksgiving. I also enjoy just going out and not drinking anything at all. However, there is nothing more annoying than being sober and surrounded by loud annoying drunks, it's the worst. I'm someone that lives on both sides of the fence.

I absolutely love that Loving Touch is doing something like this for people that want to stay sober.

What Time Does the Sober Party Start?

Doors open at 9 pm for the Loving Touch's 'Sober Party.'

Is There a Cover Charge?

The cover to get in is only $5.

Loving Touch is at 22634 Woodward in Ferndale.

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