Fast food outlets around the United States are starting to impose limits on how long customers can eat their food while in the dining area.

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Some restaurants are giving customers a 30-minute window to finish their food and beverages before being told to leave.

Signs are popping up in fast-food chains showing the 30-minute limit. The signs also say that the restrooms are for customers only.

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Why Are Fast Food Chains Imposing Time Limits While Dining?

The move more than likely isn't due to fast food dining areas being overcrowded or anything like that. While fast food chains including Wendy's and McDonald's haven't explained why this is happening, many have their theories including Redditors who shared their thoughts on a recent thread.

Many on the Reddit post believe the move was mainly to deter vagrants. Others believe that teenagers and other freeloaders are the reason behind it. Many kids will buy cheap items so they can just chill and hang out all day. Some people will sit there for hours using the company's wifi instead of paying for a meal.

There's nothing more annoying than sitting down to eat only to be annoyed by loudmouthed teenagers the entire time.

Is This Happening in Michigan?

As far as we know, this policy is being implemented at fast food chains in Baltimore, Los Angeles, and a few other major cities. It's unclear if it's something that taking shape in Michigan yet.

I talked with an employee from a local restaurant in Genesee County and he said he's heard of the 30-minute time limit but it's not something they enforce locally.

Do you think all fast-food chains in Michigan should implement the policy?

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