A family in Detroit is devastated after a downed power line killed their two dogs.

Early Wednesday evening as Michigan was getting hammered by a brutal ice storm, a woman and her kids witnessed their two dogs get electrocuted. The incident happened in Southwest Detroit after a power line came down in the family's backyard.

The woman says she watched the family's two dogs get electrocuted but sent her kids into the house. A smart move on her part as those kids would have been scarred for life from witnessing something like that. They still might be traumatized a bit depending on how much of the incident they saw.

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She said there was nothing she could do but watch as the power line electrocuted her two dogs.

My dog was on fire. I had to send my kids in the house.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, the dogs were named Legend and Pharoah.

I've had them since they were six weeks. And they were going on two now. And they were brothers.

I can't imagine being forced to watch my pets get electrocuted and catch on fire. That woman must have felt absolutely helpless. I mean with a downed power line, there's literally nothing that you can do but stay away.

It's hard enough losing one pet to a tragedy much less two on the same day.

If you see a downed power line, you can report it here.

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