You may not like the hustle and bustle of a booming city or maybe that is exactly what you are looking for. Both matter if you are a current Michigan resident or looking to move to the Great Lakes State.

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If you don't want to live in a growing city, obviously you will not want to avoid Michigan's fastest-growing cities. However, if a growing city is of interest to you, these are the locations you need to explore when making your move to or around Michigan.

According to Home Snacks, this list was determined this list by looking at growth rates for cities since the beginning of the decade, according to the American Community Survey put out by the census every year (blah, blah blah).

Surprisingly, Fenton did not make the list of fastest-growing cities in Michigan. You may be surprised too by additional cities that did not make the list, and perhaps surprised by a few that did.

Keep in mind, growth is not always a bad thing. There are plenty of Michigan small towns that have a bad rap. As a matter of fact, you can check out 10 of the worst small towns in Michigan here.

Spoiler alert no cities in Genesee County or Lapeer County made this list. Counties that did include Saginaw County, Oakland County, Kent County, and Washtenaw County (just to name a few). Do you have any guesses as to what cities in those counties made the list of fastest-growing Michigan cities?

Check out the list below and see if you are right.

10. Rochester, Michigan

9. Kentwood, Michigan

8. New Baltimore, Michigan

7. Frankenmuth, Michigan

6. Chelsea Michigan

5. East Grand Rapids, Michigan

4. Coldwater, Michigan

3. Novi, Michigan

2. Auburn Hills, Michigan

1. Rockford, Michigan

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