Do you live in one of the 10 worst suburbs of Detroit, Michigan?

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The results are in, and you may not like them. Not only does Detroit get a bad rap, but now surrounding areas are being included.

Before we go any further, we want to be clear about our love for Detroit, and its suburbs. There are good and bad things about every city in Michigan.

That being said, Road Snacks recently released a list of the 10 worst suburbs in Detroit. The popular website describes the cities on this list as the 'sore thumbs' of the Detroit area.

How was the list determined? According to Road Snacks, the following criteria were used to determine the 10 worst suburbs in Detroit,

  • High unemployment rates
  • Low household incomes
  • Low population density (no things to do)
  • Low home values
  • Number of high school dropouts
  • Poverty
  • A large number of uninsured families

What does Road Snacks consider a suburb? Any town and or city within 30 miles of Detroit.

The majority of the places on this list are in Wayne County. However, Oakland County and Macomb County also make an appearance.

You can see the list of the 10 worst Detroit suburbs below. Feel free to share your thoughts with us after you read it.

10 Worst Detroit Suburbs

Gallery Credit: TSM Lab

Road Snacks
Road Snacks

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