Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports was recently back in Michigan for some pizza reviews.

Many pizza shops across the nation have hopes that one day Dave Portnoy will walk through their doors. Founder of Barstool Sports, El Presidente himself, just recently reviewed several more pizza shops in Michigan.

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Having already done pizza reviews at 17 other Michigan pizza joints, Portnoy is no stranger to Michigan pizza. He has spoken the famous words of "one bite, everybody knows the rules" at places like Green Lantern Pizza in Madison Heights, Pizza House in Ann Arbor, The Piazzaman in Melvindale, and more. You can see the previous reviews below.

This time around, Dave made stops at Loui's in Hazel Park, Palazzo Di Pizza in Royal Oak, Sicily's Pizzeria in Detroit, and Major Tomato in Allen Park when he was in town for the Michigan Vs. Ohio State Game. While only four new One Bite Pizza Reviews have been released, hopefully, there are still a few more to hit in the near future.

Michigan Ohio State Pregame Pizza Review - Major Tomato in Allen Park

Major Tomato is located at 6547 Allen Road in Allen Park. Dave was jacked up and ready for the Michigan Vs. Ohio State Game. One Bite Pizza Review Score: 7.3

Sicily's Pizzeria in Detroit

Sicily's Pizzeria is located at 3554 Vernor Highway in Detroit. Dave got two styles of pizza. Detroit Style Sourdough Pizza Score: 7.6

Palazzo Di Pizza in Royal Oak

Palazzo Di Pizza is located at 1220 East Eleven Mile Road in Royal Oak. One Bite Pizza Review Score: 7.9

Loui's Pizza in Hazel Park

Loui's Pizza is located at 23141 Dequindre Road in Hazel Park. One Bite Pizza Review Score: 7.7

Four great scores as Portnoy will never give Detroit-style pizza an 8.0 or higher. Check out all the previous reviews below.

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