A popular restaurant in Benton Harbor, Michigan was the hot topic of conversation last week after a customer left an overwhelming tip to one very surprised server.

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On Monday, February 5th, a customer stopped in for a morning bite at the Mason Jar Cafe in Benton Harbor, nestled along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Following what must have been one amazing breakfast experience, the customer generously left a massive $10,000 tip for the server.

The restaurant said the server was so moved by the generous gesture that they shared the tip with other members of the staff.

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After the restaurant posted details about what happened on Facebook, people from all over the world commented on the unexpected and most generous tip.

Facebook user:

Love from Sweden to the server who got this gift and shared it with all the rest of the staff Such a big loving heart! You are UNIQUE, in a cold selfish cruel world, I hope you know that! Wish there were more of you out there.

Facebook user:

As a server, I absolutely love this! I would have shared it with everyone too! I'm soooo happy for you all, I can only dream this will happen someday. Congrats yall!

Facebook User:

What a blessing! It’s so great to be kind and to do a random act of kindness for others. It doesn’t have to cost much. Kindness and a smile go a long way. Your place is also awesome!


It's awesome to know there are still some truly amazing people in the world.

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