My name is Maggie and I am addicted to the Airbnb website (Hi Maggie). Full disclosure, I am not looking for a place myself to stay, I just like looking at the houses. However, you may be looking for a vacation not too far from home, so I am here to help.

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I love the idea of not having to leave Michigan to feel like you are on vacation. When I think vacation, I think water - and lucky for us there is plenty of that here in the Great Lakes State.

I found an awesome Airbnb cottage on Lake Fenton that would make the perfect summer getaway. Picture yourself drinking your morning coffee on a deck and looking at the water. Now picture yourself sipping an evening cocktail on that same deck, watching the sunset.

You can do that and more at this Lake Fenton cottage. Did I mention fishing? Yes, you can do that too right off of the dock or from your own boat. This cottage is beautiful inside, but trust me - you will be outdoors more than indoors if you vacation here this summer.

The home features three bedrooms and one bathroom. You will also be close to downtown Fenton for dining, shopping, or any incidentals you may need (like beer). There is also a fire pit for a bonfire and plenty of chairs too. I could tell you more, but you can see the place for yourself in the gallery below. Did I mention it is only $125 per night?

Airbnb Cottage On Lake Fenton Is the Perfect Summer Getaway

Tiny House Living On Lake Fenton