Here is another pronunciation in Flint to ponder.

A couple of weeks ago, a debate erupted in the office about the pronunciation of a particular road in Flint. After battling out the correct pronunciation of Hemphill Road (Hemp-hill vs. Hem-phill,) we took to the internet. Upon doing that, more pronunciation questions came to light.

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Now we have a new battle. What is the correct pronunciation of Corunna Road in Genesee County? For the most part, the two pronunciations are pretty close to each other and only have a subtle difference.

After talking about the pronunciation of Hemphill Road, so many people reach out and told me that they've pretty much had the same argument about Corunna Road. At first, you don't think that anyone can mess that up, but if you listen closely there are two pronunciations.

Is it Co-RUN-ah or Co-RAH-na (or Co-Ron-Ah)?

Sure this is a small trivial difference, but people have fought over much dumber topics than this. So the question is, how do you pronounce Corunna Road in Flint? I am currently on Team Co-Run-ah.

However, as I think back to it over the years, I feel like I have pronounced it both ways for many years. I think it just depends on the day and what sentence I am actually saying at the time. I've noticed that those native to Flint typically stick with Co-RUN-ah and transplants go with Co-Rah-na.

Either way, I'm pretty sure we can agree that the YouTube video below is extremely wrong. WTF?

Let us know in the comments what you think is the correct way to say it. It may be nothing to you, but society has rules and without those rules we have chaos, so we need to know how to say it.

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