A Clio, Michigan man was recently arrested after he viciously ripped the head off his girlfriend's pet duck and forced her to look at it.

Over the weekend, 49-year-old Michael Lee Humphries got into a lengthy argument with his girlfriend. That argument took an ugly turn when Humphries did the unthinkable.

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According to Genesee County Sherriff Swanson, to psychologically intimidate his girlfriend during the argument, Humphries allegedly ripped the head off her pet duck that he had recently bought for her.

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Humphries and his girlfriend drove down to a Stevie Knicks concert in Ohio on August 5th. During the concert, they got into a fight and he left her there but eventually returned and picked her up.

They drove back up to Clio afterward and continued to fight that night. they argued the following day, and well into Sunday as well. On Sunday, the fight erupted and Humphries went out to the barn, grabbed one of the ducklings that he had bought for his girlfriend, and ripped its head off in front of her. He then grabbed her head and forced her to look at it.


Sherriff Swanson said this is "domestic violence at an epic level."

According to Mid-Michigan Now, Humphries who has a history of domestic violence, is facing the following charges

  • Animals - Killing/Torturing - First Degree
  • Police Officer - Assaulting/Resisting/Obstructing
  • Domestic Violence

There is a very graphic photo of the duck that you can see in the video. Warning, it's a brutal photo so viewer discretion is advised.

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