Get ready to relax in the pool and enjoy some cocktails this year in Michigan.

Coming up this Fall 2024, Michigan's first swim-up bar is set to open to the public. Thanks to new legislation passed in 2022 and an $80 million waterpark project, adults can now enjoy a cocktail or two when relaxing in the pool.

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The Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth is getting ready to open Michigan's largest indoor waterpark. Bavarian Blast is scheduled to open sometime this fall and boasts Michigan's first swim-up bar.

Michigan's First Swim-Up Bar

The new swim-up bar in Bavarian Blast will open this fall with all of your favorite adult beverages as well as big-screen TVs so you don't miss any sporting events. The new bar will also feature shareable punch bowl drinks, tropical cocktails, and more.

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Thanks to legislation approved by Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2022, hotels, resorts, waterparks, and other pool operators can open adults-only swim-up bars. Of course, these businesses must have a liquor license and will need to obtain a permit and follow new regulations and guidelines. The new swim-up bars must use non-breakable plates and cups, be made of nonabsorbent material, and more. The pools will also have to have heightened disinfection and filtration and lifeguards on the premises.

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Currently, the largest indoor waterpark in Michigan is Avalanche Bay at Boyne Mountain. However, the state will have a new top dog this fall with Bavarian Blast opening. Avalanche Bay is 88,000 square feet while Bavarian Blast will end up with 140,000 square feet after the current expansion.

Will this start a waterpark battle for the biggest indoor waterpark in the years to come? We will have to wait and see. I just think it is awesome that we will now have two amazing indoor waterparks to enjoy in Michigan.

Source: Bavarian Blast

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