While Michigan is known for its Great Lakes, the state has a lot more to offer than just that. The state is also known for its stunning sand dunes, lush and beautiful forests, waterfalls, lively cities, and more.

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AZ Animals compiled a list of Michigan's top five most remote spots. The list includes well-known but remote places including Keweenaw Peninsula, Kitch-iti-kipi, Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, and Isle Royale National Park. While all four locations are considered to be remote, one spot still is even more remote.

Sitting in the middle of Lake Michigan, over 30 miles from land in any direction, is where you'll find the most remote spot in the state.

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What is the Most Remote Spot in Michigan?

The most remote spot in Michigan is Beaver Island, which is only accessible via boat or plane. It's one of the state's largest islands as it is roughly 13 miles long and five miles wide.

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The island has approximately 600 people who call the island home year-round, many of whom are of Irish descent. Once on the island, you can visit museums, see the Beaver Head Lighthouse, paddle the Beaver Island Water Trail, or hike Beaver Island’s trails. This adorable remote island has no shortage of experiences, and it is no doubt, the best remote spit in Michigan.

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Google Maps/Canva

If you want to visit Beaver Island, you'll need to plan accordingly by chartering a flight or by making a reservation through the Beaver Island Boat Company.

Beaver Island - The Most Remote Spot in Michigan

Beaver Island stands as the largest island in Lake Michigan and the third-largest island in the state, trailing only Isle Royale and Drummond Island. Encompassing 55.8 square miles, the island lies about 32 miles away from Charlevoix. As of the 2010 census, Beaver Island was home to a population of 657.

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