Bar Rescue is not done filming at Backroads Bar & Grill in Holly, Michigan.

Hosted by entrepreneur and television personality Jon Taffer, the reality show helps failing bars overcome challenges and avoid closure.

Filming for the popular reality show is scheduled to take place at the bar on Friday, May 17th, 2024. From what we've been told, the public is welcome to join as crews will be filming inside the bar and on the outdoor patio area.

Plan accordingly if you intend to attend the shoot. The line for filming on Wednesday, May 15th, was extremely long.

You can see some pictures from Wednesday in the photo gallery below. From all accounts people in line made the best of it.

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Did you make it in for the 'Stress Test' filming? This segment is featured in every Bar Rescue episode and involves a packed house to evaluate how the staff handles the crowd and identify areas for improvement in the bar.

What time will Bar Rescue film at Backroads Bar & Grill on Friday, May 17th, 2024?

We do not have an exact time. Normal business hours are 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM, but those hours are certainly subject to change during this process.

We did attempt to contact Backroads Bar & Grill but understandably were unsuccessful. To say the staff has a lot going on right now is an understatement.

Where is Backroads Bar & Grill in Holly located?

Backroads Bar & Grill is located at 5217 Apollo Drive, 48442.

Congrats again to the crew at Backroads Bar & Grill, we can't wait to see the Bar Rescue results.

We will let you know when this Bar Rescue will air on Paramount TV.

Bar Rescue At Backroads Bar & Grill In Holly, Michigan

Gallery Credit: Kennedy Broadwell

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