Stock up on sunscreen and get ready for a hot Michigan summer.

The summer forecast for the United States is calling for above-average temperatures. So does that mean Michigan will see the hottest summer on record? Well, we will just have to wait and see.

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According to The Weather Channel, much of the United States can expect temperatures to be above average this summer, and "it could be one of the nation's hottest." As a whole, those living in the Midwest, Great Lakes, Northeast, Southwest, and Plains regions will see most of the above-average heat.

As we approach May 2024, the lower half of Michigan can expect above-average temperatures while the northern areas and Upper Peninsula will see even warmer temps than average.

What can we expect in June, July, and August?

In June, Texas and New Mexico will see the highest temperatures above average. In Michigan, residents will again see temps higher than average. July is when it will really get cooking in throughout the state and we can expect that to continue into August.

Click here to see detailed temperature maps from The Weather Channel from month to month.

To be honest, I really hope we get some heat this summer. I can't stand being cold and the older I get, the more I want to move south. Don't get me wrong, Michigan will always be my home, but I've done my time with all four seasons. Living in South Carolina or Florida sounds glorious right now. Even Tennessee would be amazing in my old age.

Source: The Weather Channel

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