Halloween is quickly approaching and here are some great trick-or-treating hot spots.

One of the best holidays of the year, Halloween, represents serious business to every kid and many adults. The object is simple. Get dressed up in your favorite costume of the year and try to bring home as much free candy as possible. However, the big question is, "where can you get the best candy at the highest volume?"

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Sure some neighborhoods offer really short distances from door to door, but do they produce the best candy for the effort? If done correctly, all your candy dreams can come true. If done incorrectly, you will be stuck with more tootsie rolls than you know what to do with.

When I was a kid, trick or treating on Halloween was a carefully orchestrated operation that tested our physical and mental limits. The costumes, while fun and entertaining, were secondary to the needs of the mission. Rule one, never wear a costume that will slow you down or cause unnecessary fatigue.

It's unfortunate that today's kids are only given a couple of hours to accomplish this mission. Back in my day, (yea, I said it,) we started just before dusk and pressed on until the last porch light was extinguished. Kids today will never know the feeling of completing an operation like that. The king-sized candy bars that we retrieved tasted like victory.

However, just because trick-or-treating time limits exist today doesn't mean that the kids can come home with a huge bag of great candy. The key is to find a great neighborhood or two and just put the hammer down and haul ass from house to house. To help you on the mission, the list below features some great places to try out this year.

The places below are either known for great candy selections or offer hundreds of houses all in one spot. I know there are many more out there, but these are the ones that my OG trick-or-treaters passed along to me for this year. Feel free to add your favorite place in the comments.

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