Times, they are always changing, and this is just another example of how 'out with the old and in with the new' can effect your day-to-day life.

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Keep in mind, this isn't just a matter of public opinion pushing some new style change or something like that. No; this is a recent law that went into affect that could change the way you decorate for Christmas.

New Law Puts a Ban on a Common Christmas Decoration

Now, if you've already decorated and put your lights up for Christmas this year, there's no need to take them down, so that's good.

However, this will affect anyone trying to buy this product in stores because it's banned, and that product would be non-LED Christmas lights.

Ingram Publishing
Ingram Publishing

The Department of Energy announced that the United States would be moving away from incandescent light bulbs and moving towards LED lightbulbs back in April 2022.

That gave citizens some time to get their households in order, because the ban didn't officially take place until August 1st, 2023.

Non-LED Christmas Lights are Considered Banned Under New Light Bulb Legislation

The ban does not apply to the non-LED tangled mass of string lights you have in your basement. This only applies to the manufacturing, importation, or sale of them.

So, if your Christmas lights happen to not be LED ones, that's okay. You're not going to have the Holiday Humbug Officer come to your door to tell you to take them down or arrest you.

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Just know that if you break a bulb on your string of incandescent Christmas lights, you won't be able to replace it.

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