I have read other articles – usually written by those who do not live in Michigan – about Michigan hauntings. They seem to be so amazed and in awe that our Great Lakes have so many shipwrecks. Of course, we Michiganders know that is nothing new. One website was mentioning how haunted Lake Superior is; the example they gave was: 'a ship sank in 1985, the crew died, and now there's a ghost ship on the lake.'

Gee, what a intricately detailed story.

That lame description ain't even an amoeba on the tip of the iceberg. Lake Superior is not only the Most Haunted Lake in Michigan, it's also the most haunted in all of America. Sez who? Well, me, I guess.

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What makes Superior so legendary when it comes to tales of creepy stuff? Just to name a few, all around and through the lake there are abandoned underwater mines, coastline ghost towns, ghost ships, haunted lighthouses, hundreds or thousands of shipwrecks with an infinite number of lives lost, legendary creatures, caves.....many, many separate tales for each category.

Lake Superior has been nicknamed the "Graveyard of the Great Lakes" for good reason. Tales of ghostly ship captains and crewmen, lighthouse keeper apparitions, creatures that lurk in the deepest depths, crumbling ghost towns, sightings of ghost ships.....the stories and legends never end. Hundred-year-old shipwrecks are being found almost every year...some divers claim ghosts followed them out of the water after discovering sunken ships.

There are more and more supernatural tales about Lake Superior coming to light every now and then and it's almost impossible to log them all. So here are links to a dozen of the best tales and places that gave Lake Superior it's impressive title.....

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