There are three Bay Port establishments in Michigan's Thumb that shouldn't be mistaken for one another: the Bay Port Inn, Bay Port Hotel, and Bay Port's Sweet Dreams Inn. Out of those, two are said to be haunted. Let's take 'em one at a time.


Sweet Dreams was built in 1890 by William H. Wallace, founder of the Wallace Stone Quarry in Bay Port. When Wallace passed away in 1933, customers and employees began claiming he hadn't really left at all. He could still be heard roaming the inn with his heavy clomping footsteps and if there are visitors/guests he disapproves of, he will whisper “get out” directly into their ear.

Wallace's second wife, Margaret died in 1935; visitors claim that her spirit has been seen & heard wandering throughout the second floor, rattling doorknobs of each bedroom making sure the children are okay.

A ghostly little girl has been spotted peering out a third floor window; some have said it was Wallace's daughter, Ora. People have captured pictures of her in the window and she has been known to touch guests, move objects & furniture and have little private tea parties.

The spirits of all the Wallaces seemingly speak, weep, giggle, break things, play music, walk & run up & down the staircases, turn lights on & off, slam doors, move household items and have been known to sit at the side of your bed. The former Sweet Dreams website says, "Due to the hauntings, many guests don't make it through their stay!" The inn is now closed; it's located at 9695 Cedar Street, Bay Port.

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Sitting on the shore of Saginaw Bay, the Bay Port Hotel lasted from 1886-1907. This hotel was a garish behemoth with 117 heated rooms, bowling alleys, pool tables, casino, and barbershop. So how did it become (supposedly) haunted? In 1900 a male customer committed suicide by slashing his wrists and throat, heartbroken and shattered that his wife had passed away. Before he succumbed to his wounds, he smeared his bloody handprints on his bedroom walls. Maintenance men could not successfully cover up the blood stains, so the room was simply closed and locked, never to be used again.

It was afterward that guests began claiming they saw the apparitions of the man and his bride during the night. Once the lake water levels went down, boats stopped coming, trains ceased the commutes, and the Bay Port Hotel closed. The only thing left is an Historical Marker and some crumbling front steps of the once flashy hotel.


This is the one that – so far – has not been called 'haunted'. The Bay Port Inn has an old-fashioned look to it and has remained successful for a good number of years with delicious food. It's located at 827 Promenade Street. It may be of interest to visit all three places.....just make the Bay Port Inn is your final stop, as you may want a tall, cool drink afterward.

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