We all know what's coming, and we all prep different ways. Of course, the obvious thing to do is to stock up on basic food and beverages, equipment to handle snow and ice (salt, shovels, snow blowers, etc.), and warm clothes.

But while you're getting caught up in the necessities, don't neglect the fact that you're probably gonna be stuck inside for at least a few days. So when it's goin' full blizzard outside, and dropping a foot of snow on us... how will you prep to be stuck inside for a few days?

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For safety purposes, we need to make sure we emphasize this... Given the forecasts we've seen, DO NOT go out into the storm if you don't have to. Predictions of up to a foot of snow, and winds in excess of 30-40 mph at times, with gusts up to 60, will make travel dangerous, and impassable at times.

If you can stay home... do, and PLEASE... do not order delivery and put drivers' lives in danger. Charge your power banks, fuel up the generator, and prepare so you're not bored out of your mind by considering these tips before the storm settles in.

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The first thing I witnessed this morning was a loud "CRACK" then turning my head to see a tree limb snap off and fall to the ground. It gets so cold and heavy once the ice absorbs into the wood that the limbs just can't take the pressure from the weight and will snap

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