Hastings Police had their hands full earlier this week when it was reported that two animals were on the run in downtown. But no worries, the Baaaad Boys in Blue managed to wrangle in a couple of no-good kids on their streets.

Over the scanner, a report of two goats on the run through the streets made more than one person chuckle as officers responded. And don't worry, they got'em.

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Hastings Police Capture Goats
Hastings Police Department

Reports came in Thursday morning that the two goats were near the intersection of Glenwood and Benson, and quickly Hastings Police were on top of it.

I'm not sure how much skill either police officer involved had in wrangling animals in the past - maybe they grew up farmer's kids? But they managed to catch both goats within a short time of arrival, and got them into the back of their cruisers.

Of course, stuff like this doesn't happen every day, so the department had to have a little fun with it.

"Hastings finest was on scene and wrangled the dynamic duo into the back of their patrol vehicles. The goats were taken to the Barry County Animal Shelter where they are currently incarcerated."

As the post indicates, it's not clear who owns the goats, or how they got into downtown hastings. Likely just broke through an enclosure, and followed the grass.

Police are asking anyone with information on the owners of the goats, or if anyone figures out they're missing goats soon, to contact the Barry County Animal Shelter, which is where they are currently residing. You can also contact the police department directly.

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