We've grown accustomed to phone and internet scams, but there are old-school door-to-door scams you should keep your eyes open for in Michigan.  We have info that will help you protect yourself.

Now that we're entering the summer months, Michigan is seeing a spike in door-to-door scam reports.  Many of these bogus contractors make their way North when the weather heats up.  This year seems to be a bigger problem than past years with scammers offering deals on everything from driveway repair to roofing and tree trimming.  You should be skeptical of door-to-door contractors, especially if they are from out of state.  There is one door-to-door scams that seems to be making the rounds lately that you should know about.

Caution of door to door scammers in Michigan
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Contractors stopping by your home and offering a deal you can't refuse for power washing services.  They will tell you that it would cost 10s of thousands of dollars to replace your siding but they can make it look like brand new with their power washing service.  There are a few steps you can take to protect yourself according to a Consumer Affairs agency below.

Protect Yourself From Door-to-Door Scams

  • Get estimates in writing from more than one contractor.
  • Do not pay for the entire job upfront.
  • Search online for reviews and complaints on each contractor.
  • File a report with Michigan's Consumer Protection Agency if you feel you've been scammed.


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